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Child Soldiers And Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds
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My summary of the movie Blood Diamond


The movie Blood Diamond was about the illegal trade of conflict diamonds in the country of Sierra Leone. This movie was the true story of a fisherman whose family is torn apart by rebels who enslave him to work in the diamond mines, force his family to flee for their lives end eventually into a refuge camp. The rebels conscript his son into the life of a child solider in which he becomes so brain washed he doesn’t even recognize his own father when he attempts to rescue him. This film was masterfully produced and illustrates the plight of the common man who must spend their lives dealing with the effects of a country overrun with war and all manners of human evil.

 The movie unfolds with an attack on the main characters village by the RUF, his family escapes but he is captured and sent to the mines. He finds a large very rare pink diamond that he hides when the camp is overrun by government troops. While in prison an Afrikaner mercenary befriends him and promises to help him recover his family in exchange for half of the diamond. Through out the movie they experience hardships on their quest for the diamond. A reporter helps them out and eventually when they do recover the diamond she writes a story about tit that exposes a large corporation in the diamond industry as traffickers of conflict diamonds. As a result of her report, there was a public outcry against “blood diamonds.” This outcry led to the introduction of the Kimberly process and a ban on blood diamonds.