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Child Soldiers And Blood Diamonds


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This website is dedicated to the purpose of educating people about the use of child soldiers and the mining of conflict diamonds (aka Blood Diamonds) around the world.


Recently I watched the based on a true story movie Blood Diamond. This movie showed in graphic details of what a vast majority of Africans live through on a daily basis. The images of little kids being used as soldiers spurred me into doing my research project on the topic of child soldiers. I initially started my research believing that the use of child soldiers was a fluke isolated to the African continent, but as I researched I found that kids are participating in more than thirty armed conflicts across the globe. These conflicts are happening in places like Africa, South Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America. Many of these conflicts tend to be a result of rebels fighting the government. The most common cause for the conflict is for control of the countries natural resources.

I found this to be especially true of African conflicts where diamond mines are located. This was another sad fact of African life. Many poor Africans are enslaved by both rebels and in some instances governments to work in the diamond mines. The need for labor to both guard and work the mines lead to constant raids by rebels. It is a never ending cycle, the diamonds pay for the weapons which let the rebels take and control the diamond fields. These illegal diamonds are called either conflict or blood diamonds. The definition of a blood diamond is a stone that is mined in a war zone and is then sold on the black market in order to fund conflicts.

In 2003 the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, was ratified by 53 countries. This process was supposed to stop the buying and selling of conflict diamonds.    One method that was implemented was that rough diamonds can now only cross the border with an official certificate. On this certificate is stated where the diamonds come from and it has to be provided by a legitimate government. The countries importing the diamonds must check the sealing and the certificates of the packages. The Kimberely process has met with limited success, mainly due to the lack of strict enforcement by African officials. Many of these officials are easily bribed to certify that conflict diamonds are in fact clean.  Lack of strict control and regulation still allows conflict diamonds to enter the market.

  The purpose of this website is to give readers a collection of resources from which to draw information on both blood diamonds and child soldiers.